To access functions in this area of IACC Online, just click the name at the head of the description for what you'd like to do.

View Internship Opportunities
Browse Internships to see a detailed listing of internship opportunities that have been submitted by employers within the last 90 days. The list is updated in real time. Each listing contains a detailed description of the position, the company and contact information.

Post an Intern Resume
Fill out the quick online intern resume form and post your qualifications, requirements and availability for new employment as an intern. Your contact information will not appear on the listing; instead you will be assigned a confidential ID. Interested employers can contact you by means of a confidential on-line form keyed to this ID. Your listing will be posted within 72 hours and will remain on the intern board for 90 days, unless you tell us to remove it before that time.

IACC Global provides these services at no charge.

Any posting which exceeds the suggested length for a field will be cut short.

The IACC Online Intern Board is intended for internship seekers and employers ONLY. A 72-hour turnaround for posting resumes or internship openings is required in order to make sure that listings are accurate and appropriate for IACC Online. Do not abuse this service. Any advertising, unsavory language or innuendo will result in immediate deletion of a listing, so please don't do it.

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