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Since the beginning of IACC, we've focused on quality! Our IACC Quality Standards for conference centers serve as the guiding light of the industry, and they act as a key to unlock exceptional meeting environments at IACC member facilities so that customers can host, nourish and sustain highly-successful meetings there!

Over the years, IACC's intensive focus on quality has produced ongoing evolution of our criteria for membership. We strive constantly to improve the way our standards set the stage for exceptional meetings by assisting members to make continuous progress toward becoming ideal meeting environments.

Several years ago, we made great strides forward when we brought more objectivity and transparency to the Quality Assessment processes of the organization for incoming and long-term members alike. We partnered with BARE International, who now conduct all site audits of applicant and member properties.

More recently, we undertook a total reassessment of the relationship between the technology marketplace and IACC's expectations that our members will meet their customers' demands for the "latest and greatest" technologies available. The outcome of that analysis is the Design for Great Technology. This document outlines three levels of conference technology for different sizes and types of meeting rooms. With it, IACC hopes to provide extensive guidance about the variety, convenience and accessibility of technology which we encourage our members to offer their customers.

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